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The Importance of Vision

I saw this post the other day and it reminded me of a leadership course I went to years ago which was probably one of the best courses I ever went to. A key part of the course was the importance of an organization having a vision and they used the example of NASA having a fantastic single defining vision of “putting a man on the moon”. It was a vision that was tangible, relevant to everyone in the organization, memorable and most of all it felt almost out of reach. All key attributes of a compelling vision.

The reason I mention this is it made me think of our organization and the degree to which we are driving change through the organization, asking everyone to embrace ‘2.0 thinking’ in everything we do. When people ask ‘how do you make Social Media scalable in an organization’ (link to previous post), the answer lies in not only helping the organization visualize a future where digital thinking is embedded in every facet of the business, but most importantly making it relevant to everyone by helping them see what the future looks like, whatever their role.

We have yet to encapsulate the impact the PR agency of the future will have on our people and on our clients into a single ‘putting a man on the moon’ statement, but regardless, it is a pretty exciting time to be running an agency right now. What we need to think about is what do we want our clients and Biters to be saying about us in 2012? But maybe more importantly, what do we want our clients’ customers and partners to be saying about us in 2012?

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