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A Confession…

I got home the other week to find my new monthly hardcopy of PR Week. I must confess I had forgotten that they had gotten rid of the weekly hard copy and moved online. Throughout my career I have always had the hardcopy sent to my home because I always thought I would be more likely to have a flick through it in an idle moment.

I picked up my new magazine and while I had seen a few of the stories online, I certainly hadn’t read a couple of the features in full. I was pleasantly surprised. I actually thought it was really good. Not too much news because I see all of that online, but a good mix of interesting features and best practice examples. I had to smile at the piece showing the sample organizational chart of the comms function of a well known brand (I can’t remember which) but those of you who have been in PR for a while (especially if you have worked for a Korean or Taiwanese company) will no doubt have had numerous requests from clients for ‘best practice org charts from their competitors or from well known blue chip brands. Those of you who have been charged with pulling one together equally know how hard they are to come by.

So why am I writing this? As you may have guessed from the time lag, I should point out it took some courage because I am not sure praising a print title is in vogue right now! Firstly, it isn’t every day I feel moved to praise PR Week.  Secondly, I genuinely think it is a good product. Thirdly, the irony wasn’t lost on me that I actually got a chance to read the feature on digital and another article on Digital. What was even better, we got a hardcopy press cutting for Bite. Cutting books…those were the days!


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